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We receive so many testimonials, viewers feedback, and other compliments we thought we would share just some with you.


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"Such an amazing place to see so many gifted and talented people. A great community feel. I signed up within days of finding SPtv and recommend everyone to sign up to become a VIP. Thank you to each and every one involved in this fantastic channel."

Nicky A

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It’s full of wonderful new experiences and wonderful spiritual people giving there time to help and demonstrate many different ways of their spiritual gifts ,it s very uplifting and has the wonderful feeling of belonging to a loving family and people who truly care.

Mary G

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I am so glad I found you on Facebook you have helped me through my shielding. You are all lovely very welcoming. There's a big variety of topics you cover. The guests & members who do the readings. Bring through some outstanding evidence of spirit. Thank you all.

Majella MD

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I've just had reading and I'm left me flabbergasted. I can't believe I was introduced to SPtv and I'm so happy I was. I have looked at the different things each psychic or medium has done so far and I want to learn more. So yes I would recommend this site to everyone I know. Thank You.

Pamela W

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I had a reading today and wow wow its the best reading I have had, and would recommend my friends, thank u so much thank u so much love and light to u xxxx


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Highly recommended, very accurate, so accurate in the detail too. Unreal, but so surreal. Brilliant.

Cheryl B

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Love watching Spiritual Psychics TV, I've learnt so much from all the lovelt presenters. xx


TV Presenter

Fantastic TV with a wonderful variety of shows. Fun, educational and interesting.

Wendy W

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Absolutely love this show, amazing evidence